Ah Liiiaaannn!!!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

I'm happy happy happy today cause ah Lian is back!!
I conceive this as the first dinner for four of us since we're back from KL but not, obviously ah Sin is not goin to join us due to her busyness.I fetched ah lian at around 8.30pm and directly head to fetch Bin.So happy cause this is our first dinner together after weeks.

She says she eats like a horse there but it's evident that she's getting thin than before.Perhaps study really get up her appetite.She finish off her cheesebake and started to nip mine.She told me the food there was not yummy at all and it's difficult to get such a tasty food.So its quite delectable to see her eat happily like this =)

Lian and her boyfriend =)

Happy spending time with u girls again~Muacks!

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