Saturday, July 19, 2008

Spent the whole morning in Putra Marine!Boring.

Windy but still heated.

And being ply with booming sound that grates on my ear.

Meet the new site worker!!Hoho..

Nice photo?Mom took it!

Finally we left.Headed to Queensbay to grab our lunch promptly since im awfully hungry!!Kim,Peisher,K mak and didi join us for the lunch!And of course we went for Dome since my mouth is made up for the seafood pasta!!

Didi's face after finished up his hot chocolate before our food!

And finally the food was here to rescue the peckish me!

The Creamy seafood pasta, Gourmet chicken mushroom pie and my favourite Berry bliss!Its a blended of real fruit puree of raspberries,strawberries,blueberries and lashing of premiun natural yoghurt that really tempting me!

Apple crush,lemonade berry,the-toothsome-wild mushroom and warm smoked duck breast.

Didi and his marbel cheese cake..

We spent about 2 hours there. Had a long confabulation and lots of laughter.And i found this cute and amusing ad!But didi doesn't like it..He says its too horrible for him!

Haha..but I still like it!

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