Dinner with Pat..

Saturday, July 05, 2008

Had dinner with Pat eventually!
I've been waiting for this opportunity for weeks in respect that she's working!
Unlike me, Im on the beach and broke.
Above all, I wanna apologize cause of my auntie-ness slow motion and let her waited for quite a long while under the heated sun..
Sorry hah Pat..
Another thing that wowed me was Pat's new hairstyle!
How sweeet~
Nice right?
It is obvious that she looks younger!
Before we go for dinner, we went Forever21 to do some shopping

Gonna grab a dress to attend somebody's wedding soon =)

Only then we had our dinner in Pastasia.......again......

What do u think about Pastasia?
Cabonara and Tiramisu?Perhaps..
Reached home around 1130pm since we've too much to update!
And mom cooked glutinous ball with red bean for supper~!
Yoohoo....!!That's my favourite!
Imma sweet tooth!
Lastly i fall asleep with 6 balls in my tummy!=)

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