Ko Cha Bi

Sunday, July 06, 2008

I've been left out tonight by mom and muimui..
But luckily I still have my Binbin's company...

Playing with my favourite froggie while waiting for her to finish her classes..
Her last class ends on 9pm so after that only we went out for our late dinner.
She brought me to a place that i never dine-in before..
It's a shop serving Taiwanese food named 'Ko Cha Bi'--古早味.
It's a very nice shop with all wooden furniture..
We were awfully hungry so we ordered the food at a word..
Bin told me that the 麻辣猪肉锅 was ambrosial!!
But I cant eat such a spicy food!!How miserable!!
Moreover, Bin told the uncle:''老板,我要加辣!''
Ahh!!Crazy Bin!!Im wondering what's her tongue made from??
Looks yummy rite?
Really taste good and delicious..
But it burn off my tongue..
Super spicy!!
Perhaps i have to train myself up to a spicy-eater
by eating chili padi before the next visit..

Good night..Thanks darling for fetching me back again muax^^

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