Hammer Bay

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Ah Bin again!Don't ask me why i like to spent time with her..Since we don't have any place to go then i suggested to have Tomyam in JingWan!But unfortunately, its CLOSED!Ahh!!How sad.As a result we grabbed some deep fried sotong and chicken!

So we left and went to Hammer Bay for tomyam!Thinking of tomyam will make us think of ah Sin..so i called her and asked her out.You know what..she's in Perlis(her bf's hometown) again!Shut my mouth!!!

Both of us were eye to eye on the atap seat on the beach.Nice place and we can feel the gentle breezee.Besides, it's fun when we saw the tide flow and down in minutes.

Bin and I, both in purple!

My tomyam bihun!!

We get off around 11pm and we watched a horro movie again!

Good night.

Will update sooon.

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