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Sunday, July 20, 2008

K mak went to Prima Tanjung today for facial.The facial need about 3 hours, so we went to Island Plaza while we're waiting.Tryout some clothes in MNG but none of my favour.Don't really spent much time there cause the kids were break in on.

Then we meet Henry ku by chance!How auspicious!Haven't seen him such a long period!So they have a confabulation for about half an hour time.After that we left the plaza and went to Baskin for ice-cream!haha!I really love them no matter how fattening they are..and i don't care =)

My last purchase of Baskin's was I'm still working in Queensbay..How kind they'll keep ChocoMint and Brownie Madness for me!!Plus free delivery service!!Credits to them!Wahaha..and thanks for fatten up me! =)

And we had a quite special dinner tonight cause ah bin is with us!After dinner we went to Kim's sister's house!Spent a great time there..

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