Again, supper with Bin..

Friday, August 08, 2008

I went for supper with Bin again..and we ate a lot!!
Tong yam, gay sit, dai wan xiang chang, and coco bancahang kuih..
She just came back from KL for her interview..And she missed the plane!!Haha so finally she took the bus.

After meal she came to my house and confabulate with my dearest mother..I don't know why they talk non-stop so at last I just go to the kitchen and cook them some tea.Somehow i felt they can talk more than me.In the end, mom went to bed!Bin and I keep on chewing the rag and found something to eat.Oh...and we did something really gruesome with Bin's stomach!!That's really incredible!!

Sorry i know supper posts bored everyone..But it's with AH BIN ma..

I just wanna spent more time with her and memorize every moment that i live through with her..She's leaving..very soooon...And when she is return, perhaps i've already depart..So its possible that we will be apart for 2 or 3 years!!

So....Ahh....just cant imagine my life without her..How doleful!!

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