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Friday, August 08, 2008

Hello Remo,
Hello Dragon-i
without Alex,
without Zhen Hui.
Long time no see lo=)
Had my breakfast around noon today.And Im with my dearest Hazel!Think of Golden Triangle at first but the bad bad waitress asked both of us to go to Dragon-i..Haha..Can't help it!
So Hazel and i say bye-bye to ah Shan and Luan and go to our oh-so-memorable-Dragon-i!
We were happy to know that Elaine was in KL..Haha..How happy cause don't have to face her!

Our food that full of sweet memories~
Look at the lamian..The portion is still big.. happy although we cant finish it=)

The view that i used to see everyday!

Ah Hooi...

And my soul mate that always cheer me=)

Somehow my feeling is totally different from before.The place and the food doesn't really changed a lot..Perhaps its because of most of them left..
And people will change,
I changed,
Hazel changed.
Anyway, Im still happy to see them^^
Muacks to the Dragon^^

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