Lian is back again!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Finally she's back!!How gladsome!And we decided to have dinner together in Gurney!But Bin cant join us cause she has to attend a concert in G Hotel.

I fetched her around 8pm from her house and its obvious that she's getting darker and darker than before..Haha..But somehow i felt that she has a very healthy skin tone..unlike mine, which is seriously asymmetry!

Donno what to eat at first and finally we went to Pastamania as we still havent been there before..And many friends told me that the food was not really nice..........However, we still decide to go there!No one tells better than ourselves.

The happy Lian and Bit =)

The country cheesebake and a spicy basil chicken pizza!

Ceaser salad.

We ordered a lots of food..A pasta, pizza, cream of mushroom, garlic bread and salad!!!And cant believe that we finished up all!!!Somehow i felt our appetite was quite scary...

After dinner we went to Giordano to change my shirt that i brought last week.How sad they dont have any smaller size left..And the salesgirl asked me to go to Prangin Mall to changed it..We tried a very nice jacket there!Its so nice but its also quite costly..And Lian brought a shirt which is same as mine!but mine is M size and hers is S.....
Lian & her Chung Aik~

Oh yes and Happy birthday to ah lian's hubby!

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