Miraku, I LOVE!!!

Saturday, August 02, 2008

We're planning to have dinner together!Thinking to have buffet at the first but its too fattening!End up somebody suggested Japanese food!So all agree eye to eye and decided to go Miraku!I have no relish for Tao or Jurin, I don't know why but the food seems like no great shakes for me.But there's no accounting for tastes.Haha.If u ask me where serve the greatest japanese food, I will say I like Miraku best, no doubt!
My last visit was 3 months ago..And that time we were only four of us, so we cant order a lot as we're not manage to finish up all the food.But still the food was yum and the ambience was great.
Took a photo before ordering~
Then the fascinating dishes......
Miraku salad and Hotate mayo yaki(Yummy grilled scallop with mayonnaise)
Unagi zen, Ten Don and Oyako Don
Unagi Kabayaki, Tempura and the must-try-Sashimi!!
Tasty Dragon Roll and Tempura Soba~
Waruku Zen!!
Didi, me and Hank with his favourite soft shell crab!
Photo with muimui..
The diner> Mom, Kim, Fishy, Hank, Jiu, Sean, K mak and auntie Lau.

The so called Japanese peach.For me it's just normal lo.I prefer the Mocha ice cream!!Must try!!!

Greatly apperciate the scrumptious there..

Will come back for more soon~haha

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