Miss Sabien's 20!!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Happy Binbin's birthday today =) Can u read her happiness through her smile?

And before that we went to Baskin Robin's for a cake!!Wooo..credits to Edwin!!Anyway thanks for the cake and i think it has brighten up ah bin bin's birthday in an extreme way.

We went to KimGary for dinner, it's because of Bin has a 50% off on her birthday as a member.We ordered a lot of food!!!as if those food are free haha..There are only 4 of us but 8 or 9 dishes!!

Okay..see who has the biggest mouth??^^

We cant manage to finish all the food obviously, so we get the food all packed and back to Bin's house to go on with our plan!

Never forget Binbin's birthday kiss before heading back.=)

Photo taken by ah Bin's kakak.Lol.

Luckily we're still in time to sing her birthday song!The moment she blows the candles i was so touched, but i dont know why, maybe this is the 3rd year we spent our birthday together, and we had go through so much.Im happy to see Bin now, at least she has SOMEBODY *wink*.And I was wondering how it will be during our 40th birthday?Haha, time flies!
Bit and the drunk Binbin!Both twenties!!
Last but not least,
Happy Twenties Binbin darling~
Love u always muacks~

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