Sex and the city

Monday, August 04, 2008

Went for 'Sex and the city' last night.Guess who im with??Is the busy-for-nothing-lady, Ms Teoh Venus!!This must be my very lucky month!=)

Okay..Back to the film..Its nice!!And i reckon all of the young ladies will have an eye for this movie!!This movie follows the continuing adventure of the four main characters – Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda – as they live their lives in Manhattan four years after the series ended.

One more thing that I felt it was interesting was, Kristin Davis's role-Charlotte, looks alike with ah Lian!!!!Erm not physically but is mentally, her personality and attitude was alike!

How funny ah Sin and I bursted out laughing when Samantha receives her ring from her man.What i can say is, ah Sin loves this scene!!Cause she shakes the cinema with her laughter!!

Okay, if u people are free...


ask me out for a movie kay..?

Rotting at home is a sin.And it kills me!

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1 dreamers

  1. I think i saw u that day.
    U watch movie in queensbay?


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