August!!Mansion 32!!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Its August!!!
and its END of August!!!
So its Sabien's birthday yo~
Her birthday falls on Monday(25th) actually, but we celebrate it 3days earlier. Its because of Glian have to be back to Johore this Saturday so we decided to celebrate it a bit ealier this year so that Lian can join us. =)
We went to Miraku for my birthday,
TGI Friday for Glian's,
Feringgi Garden for Jocelyn's..
and this year we went
Thirty Two, The Mansion
for Binbin's!!
Took this photo when i was waiting for them..
We started quite late cause THEY were late..And this time i am the only one that came on time!!hahaha..althought i have to wait for them for an hour but im still happy and proud of myself for not being late this time..hahaaha...Actually its because my photography class ended earlier =)
Four of us~

Happy Binbin..

Our main dishes..

And the cake!!
Bin says maybe this will be her last birthday in Penang with us..Im so sad to hear this actually..Aih, but how?No matter how i still support her to go to US, at least this is a very good oppurtunity..Anyway i hope i can still celebrate my birthday next year with all of them..
After lunch we take a walk around the mansion and took some photos..

Nice place rite?Still got lots of photos actually..but cant upload all of them here..

The darlings~

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