We slept...

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Guess who was the very first person i see when i was awake this morning?
Is ZhenHui!!!
Yea, Hazel and I slept over his house.
And we're crazy about that.
In fact, I was there to wake them up earlier because im trying to find someone's accompany to climb hill..Is that difficult??But why i couldn't find any volunteer??
But end-up...three of us went to the dreamland again after i wake them up.
Its squeezy a bit cause we're fat..

Nice view hor?It's taken early in the morning from his window.

Hazel's cute face and her cute hostel.
We woke up around 10am and fitout for breakfast. How unlucky cause the stall is close when we reached the place.So we went to Old Town.How miserable cause i've caught in an influenza and cant eat the rendang that they ordered.After meal we drop hazel back to her hostel and went to Pc fair.It was so crowded and we can't really get a place to park.The moment when his face started to turns dark, we suddenly found a place!!
Yeah...Look!told him im always his lucky star =P
We spent about 4 hours in the fair, and im totally exhausted!I just slept for a few hours know!!Oh..But i've met up with quite a lot of friends there..
Haha...quite fun =)
So i went home around 5pm and say byebye to Skinny.
Went to have dinner in Palace of India, finally.

Somehow this place was burried in my dine-lists.It used to be a place that i was crazy for it, and keep on asking Remo or Skinny to bring me there, they said okay always...but end up...............
So finally i was there now!The food doesn't really shakes me, but the atmosphere rocks!!

Sorry, just a few of photos i took, because its too dark and i don't bring along any camera.The food was quite expensive,we ordered a mix-grilled for RM100..Is ONLY the mix grilled!!
We went to Gurney after meal..
Did some shopping there and brought a lot of clothes for school!!
And before going back we went for tea =)
Good night tired tired me...and Happy Olympic 080808 =)!!

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