Dinner in Miraku

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Went dinner in Miraku tonight..Not fun cuz we cant get the room!Its full and we had to wait.Still eat a lot..Cant really manage to finish the food..

Oh yes and today's drawing class really kills me!But i haven't finish my drawing so i'll post it here as soon as i finished it next week.The drawing class for today was quite unusaul because i sat between Anffi and Gary, both the clamorous person in class..yet i still draw without shaking my hands =P And we've been to the SRC meeting again, and this time we are going to organise a dance party!Yohoo, sounds fun?same lo Gary and I are still the design and decoration commitee =D The party will be held on next Thurday night!Hope everything will be ok and we can have fun again~

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