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Tuesday, September 09, 2008

I just want a senior to be my boyfriend!So that i can ask him to finish all my work!!Wahahahahah...
No la actually im just joking,
as a girl i must say, girls will not depending on our boyfriend lo, especially homework!
I admit that i am searching for a boyfriend, all the time haha
And having a senior as a boyfriend is a good thing really, i can take them as reference and got to know where to get some of the goodies or tools to produce a better work!
Finally I submitted Chris' work..
Im so happy!!!Finally finished some of the work!
Three more weeks to the assessment week and then term break!!!!
Oh yes and some of us that passed the interview went to the
Student Representative Council's first meeting!Quite fun haha..Will have a function on 17th Sept, I felt its very meaningful as we are going to celebrate Mooncake Festival with those kids in the orphan home..And congrates to us 1A's are all in group 2 with the poses!Gary and I are the designers for Group 2, will design different kind of mooncakes!We'll have a final meeting on this Friday!!!
After that back to Colin's class around 130pm..The class until 6pm today..It really kills me..I hate his class seriously because of those computers!I hate computers!Although i will stick with my lappie at least 10hours everyday, but i still hate them!!
Tata...Keep going on with my homework!!

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