Merdeka night with the darlings

Tuesday, September 02, 2008


Its Merdeka and there's a Merdeka midnight sales in Queensbay!Im so happy at first when i know ah Jo was there!So i went to join her haha!!

Look wat Jo's tees says :Don't hate me because i'm SKINNY!ahh, i hate skinny!!

After screwing around in Queensbay we went to Greenlane McD to wait for the 'B and W' to join us..They are so slow and we had to wait for them..So ah Jo and I discuss about 'mushroom head' in the car!*wink*

20 minutes later, they're finally here!!But we're not really satisfy with McD...and then we went to buy some 'Tong Shui' in 'Mat Dou Yao' hahahah...then head to Jo's house to play poker cards!

Wahahaha...Big?Supper really cheer me!!

I reached home around 2am because of the stupid poker cards!

I never win!

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