Mid-Autumn lunch in Dragon-i!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Happy Moooooncake Festival people~~
We went to Dragon-i for lunch today...I know Dragon-i AGAIN..Its very boring..Anyway Ms Sabien choosed Dragon-i because she loves the mapohtoufu rice...And Ah Sin promised her a treat for her birthday as she's busy during the celebration!
Jojo and Ah Sin...Noticed what?Ah Sin permed her hair~~

The Binbin in white with her favourite and Bit with her favourite seafood lamian!

Sin brought Binbin a small and cute cake~
How sweeeeet~
After lunch we shop around in the mall...I was still hesitating for the bag!How....?Bin says she doesn't like the red bag..She prefer the black one!And we went to Baleno and brought my dress!!Yeepee!!Im so happy~~Brought some T-shirts as well~~

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