Friday, September 05, 2008

Had so much fun last night...although i reached rather late because of the movie!
Went to watch Zohan with Yingying, Odesha and....What a funny and silly movie..
After movie then only i went to UPR to meet up with Binbin..
Haha so happy to see her!
Actually quite disappointed since Fame is not as fun as we expected!The ambience is quite ok but I felt its not as nice as Mois...So we just went in for a drink then turn over to Mois!
Bin and Irene in Fame!
Oh yes!I brought along my camera last night!!But still, I felt its not secure enough especially in the dance floor, im still so worry bout the camera and cellphone!
Alright, photos photos in Mois!

Okay la that's all..My feet are super pain now!

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