Friday, September 19, 2008

Had lots of fun yesterday night!!
I have to say, luckily I was there!!
Before that I wanna thank Gary for keep me accompany in Coffee Bean until 11pm, and thanks for fetching me again and again!!hahaha, although u fail to fulfill my wishes today, yet I do enjoy the moment we shared stories together~ =*
Another thing...I would like to thank Ah Yang too..Hahaha..So good cause he came all the way to fetch me!!He lives in Pulau Tikus know!Wahaha...BMW drivers are always kind and loving~~ ^^
Reached UPR around 12midnight...So sick of waiting for Dai lou them!!They are so so so slow!!So Anffi, Odesha, YiFei and I went in to grab some vodka first and dance...Whahah, then only we went to Fame to grab a drink also~But still Mois is better worr.. =)
After imbibe some alcoholic beverages, Anffi's face turns into red!!Ahh..How come Odesha and I cant turn into red face one?We drink more than her err..
Then we back to Mois~
Back roll-'Dai lou' ah Guan, Joshua, Anffi, Ming Yi, ah Yang
Front roll-YiFei, Bit, Odesha

Actually before that me and Anffi are not going cause Ah Ying and Gary two hottie are not going...Then only i went Queensbay with Gary!But at last YiFei is going so no point la we have to go because its YiFei's first clubbing!(haha actually Anffi and I have a very strong desire to go la!But we're lazy >.<)Wahaha, but now i must say, luckily we were there!Can't forget the way Anffi and ah Yang dance!Wahahah so fun to dance with u people~
Tata la people, club next time!With Yingying and Gary~
Wanna know more??
Check our Odesha's blog~

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