Outing II.......

Friday, September 26, 2008

Toooooook a lot of photos today during outing!!!I looove Thursday!!!=)
We gathered in the campus around 9pm and then Mac Tan told us that we're going to the 'Indian Market'. We're quite unhappy at first, cause we have to walk there!But at last we cheer up as we think of the food wahaha!!
Had our breakfast when we reached the market =) Its kinda fun to have breakfast with a fine bunch of paparazzo..We have to eat very nicely and smile all the time cuz they are always stand-by to take your photos!

See the good and bad examples:

Gary and Odesha XD
After breakfast we walked around and took some photos for assignment.Had so much fun in the market donno why!


Baby gibbon and bebe kingkong

Odesha and dai lou starring each other...

The Candy-ladies!

The lingerie guy!

Yummy Dao hua!!

Bubble milk shake~

Ying and dai lou passing the pearl through their mouth??

In white!!

The hero and heroien!!

Then we went to Youth park!!

Gary went for a hair cut after this and then we head to Queensbay for lunch!!Awfully hungry!!!

Good night Im so tired!!
Ps: I had updated my last thursday's outing post =)

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