UPDATED Photography class' OUTING~

Friday, September 19, 2008

Finally we went for shooting~
There's 7 things that we have to capture:
1.Balance & imbalance
Still fun la but it's too hot and we're too hungry..Took lots of photos!!Those photos that updated here were just part of my stupid compact camera..Will have more nice nice nice photos sooon!!Stay tuned yea =)

Cute not?Those were compact group!

Leng leng Odesha, always the professional =D

Ming Yi and Gary playing with the cat~

Love this photo!!!!!Wow!!

Errr......Random shoot...(with a funny and long stories =P)

When down for breakfast cause we're too hungry!!And the SLR group continue their shooting!So proud of them took lots of nice nice photos that impressed me!!
Will show off soon then~ ^^
More update sooon..
Tonight we had dance party in school~ ^^

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