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Friday, September 12, 2008

Went to RedBox with the fellows this afternoon from 1pm to 5pm..!

But im kinda tired now and i have to sleep...So it will be a short post lo!

Took lotsa photos since its after the photography class and there's many digital and SLR cameras with us =)

Check out the future papparazzi......

Odesha's expert look again hahahaha..


Anffi, Me!, Odesha, Alicia

The way they sing...Ain't too scary actually =P

The 3 top singers in A class haha
Yingying, Gary and Ken

Gary and I, im trying to follow his expression actually but still not as hiao as him!

Me again!and Alicia, the Jay Chou's sister =)

YiFei the Fly and I =) Sweet??

Anffi, Joshua, Me!

Notice what?Most of us were in White!

Art students shall be art students XD

Really enjoy my time with u guys ^^

Good night la tomorrow morning still have to go to class =.=

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