Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Went to school earlier today to hand in my Colin's assignment!Finally it printed out with a prefect look!Im so happy!Erm....still have to thank to Albert, although he doesn't wanna help us in the test yesterday! ='( Yifei and I waited for the rest until 12pm in the library and then only we went to Gurney to buy donuts and print out the photos that have to hand in later.

♥Can't deny that donut is love!!♥


I don't know why food always cheer me, espeacially those colourful thingy just like donuts!!So, if u wanna date me, buy me food!or just buy me donuts please!!Then I'll follow u to wherever u go =P

After Gurney we went back to Leith st for Thiru's test, its a short and simple test and we finished it in just less than half an hour time!

Okay, here goes the climax of the day!

Went home as usual with my boss..And his car PUNCTURED!!!oh my god!!I never see a scene like that before in my life!!

And, it's raining!!

How, romantic!!*wink*

Then Gary's pa asked for his friend's help. How kind the uncle helped us in the rain!And he taught Gary to change his own tyre.

And me?Snapping in the rain =) Hahaha Im very happy and I don't know why!

Cool no?

Phew~Im so tired!

PS: Alicia, Gary says he can light up a fire very well!

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