14 Oct 08

Sunday, October 26, 2008

just found some photos from my phone and found that they're quite nice so i wanted to update it!that day we went to e gate for sushi king's rm2 promotion!actually the main purpose that day was to buy and prepare all the stuff for the retro party!

after sushi we went to tesco to do some shopping for the paper plates, cups and food.yukai and ahxiong were very kind!they keep us accompany and helped us a lot! =*

then headed to queensbay for dinner.dailou went to meet us and had dinner with us.brought the beads as well!!oh yes and i don't know why the southpark keep following us!! =P


hahhaha..act to be like a kid!i loove these photos so much!but the quality.... =.= shall get a new phone soon!and a new camera too...pretty please, dad?

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