Sunday, October 19, 2008

Whooooohooooo!the party was a bomb!it was so much better that what i had expected!before the real party thing, we're so worried because of the weather and the number of person that never went right. But surprisingly, it turned out to be okay.

the party supposed to start at 2.30 but after dillying and dallying, they managed to reach around 3.30. the typical college student, they are always late.the room was really cool!!two queens and a private patio. not that big, but its clean and comfy!something bad happened in the middle and i don't really wanna talk about that, but still had fun after that!despite the beach was quite hot but still very happy for the sunny day!and finally we dressep up in retro!Gary was omg-ly funny!really laugh my ass off and how stupid i dare not to look at him at all when he talks to me because his face was super funny until i cant stop laughing!shall die of laughing at him someday. he dressed like a 65 year-old man!!!the rest was okay except odesha, so finally she changed into yifei's dress, she looks really sweet with that!

ken bring along his friend with us, and we went to end of the world and teluk bahang dam with them to capture the scene of sunset. love the sunset's reflection!oh yes hwasiang went there with us, we're so happy that he came. after shooting then we went back to the hotel, and every one was awfully hungry!but still, cant manage to finish up all the food. but they tasted good!

owi and dai lou planned to go to the beach to have a walk and swim at first, the night swimmers!but they turn up playing ps in the room and some of them playing with their lappies. and while waiting for our turn to shower, we started to find some entertainment!Kenken's idea to play that!ow, alicia was so lucky!*wink wink* had lotsa fun although its just a stupid game, depands on who u spent the time with, the players are pretty important XD

after everyone changed into pyjamas, we started to tidy up the room and prepared the drinks and cakes!everyone was waiting for this and i knew it =) CHIVAS!!!i never thought that we will actually bottom up the whole thing because we not get to drink so much, we just dance!but the party start at 12midnight sharp and we finished up everything around 4am!!the situation was really blurry!owi was a bit drunk and he cant walk nicely, and how cute that he couldn't control his volume at all!and end up everyone............

we slept around 5am, officially. andwhen i open my eyes its around 8am, but im very lucky, i mean dailou, gary and i was really lucky!we keep on our dream until 11am and alicia helped to clean up all the stuff by herself!!then after that alicia,yifei,owi and ah xiong chit chat bout people's bad thing while we're still sleeping!how sad im sleeping like a dead pig or else i can gossip with them!
after set up and checked-out, we went to the beach and garden for a walk..

till then...

thanks, you people!for made up my day =)

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