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Friday, October 03, 2008

Venus' birthday celebration today in QE2!!!It has been a long while since the last dinner with Glian and Venus again..It's a precious night for us cause Glian is back with us~So happy to see her!And now she's single and available, just like me!!

Notice what?Glian is thinner than before again!Why don't this happen on me?

They were late again as usual, and luckily mom fetched me there and she's there to keep me company while I was waiting for them. We're extremely hungry!!

Yummy pizza!although its spicy but it really taste good!!Bin loves it!

Cool no Venus and Bin's dish?Its all covered by salt!

And finally the dessert!I like it!

Snap shot before leaving...

Me and my Binbin =*

We went to Blanket after QE2, something happened in the middle..But I don't felt like wanna say it because its not a happy thing and it brought tears..Anyway be tough and look forward darlings~

Ordered the best top 4 drinks again!!

While waiting for Edwin, I waved to the wrong person!!Oh my god!Luckily the guy was Venus' friend and we had a long and interesting confabulation!We're planning to go for supper at first because Bin's beee was hungry..Until Venus' friends brought us beer in Soi2 and all of us were filled with beer (thanks ah Sin for drinking half of my part) so the supper cancled!

Lastly, thanks Binbin and Edwin for fetching me back =*

Had a great time with u girls again♥ Muacks~

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