Sunday, November 02, 2008

going to club tonight!but before that i went to have dinner with my binbin in young heart.such a nice place to dine, great ambience and the food was lucious!!greatly appreciated the scrumptious.and its inexpensive!

took photos with binbin's new camera!skinny T!!!!the camera was really nice!!!but i think its too slim for me, because imma rough user

our food!!

mee and mee..i forgot the name but what i remembered was, bin's mee was in extrs extra hot!she's always crazy bout spicy food, never change!i guess i shall post her chilis or some kind of super spicy paste for her when she's in boston.

szechuan sour and spicy soup!!appetizing but its too spicy for me.

dumplings!!super tasty!!bin told me that this is one of the recommended food!

nice place right?looking forward for our next dinner!muacks~love you always


after dropped binbin back, i went to fetch ying, gerald and alicia.so excited for the holloween party!!i thought they are going to dissatisfy me because we have been wasting time waiting for dailou until 12.30!!

while waiting, cam-whored again =)

joshua, ming yi and my part time boyfriend XD

alicia, ying and yifei

the guys and

the girls =)


it was so crowded and we cant get any place and we have to wait.herh.wait again!all dailou's fault!there was around 18 of us!!and squeeze around a small table!

ah yang's face super funny!

alicia dance relishingly in the dance floor~~

Pure looks like gary rite??especially she's in red shirt!

can't believe that raj and yukai went to club with us!i never expect that they will come!especially raj, they always make fun of him that he is too dark and we cant see him the the club!

photos with all the geli geli face, dailou keep pulling them for photos~~!

ah yang and dailou

me and babe odesha~

reached home around 4am =.= get scolded lo because i drove alone!

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