Sunday, October 05, 2008

Its time to enjoy the holidays!but seriously i felt its kinda weird because i don't know what to do in a sudden. i've been thinking of painting, but i think it isn't a correct time to paint yet. so i think of things that i want or i wish to do in the hols!here goes,

1. eat!!

2. improve my drawing skill

3. spend more time with my binbin

4. have steamboat for dinner

5. shop for new bags and shoes

6. picnic (real soooon!)

7. have a new hair cut, or colour perhaps

8. more moviesss

9. club!with Gary af course!

10. climb hill

11. cook for mom =)

12. tidy up my room

13. again, lose weight

14. lose weight

15. lose weight!!!!!!!!

okay thats all,
simple people always has simple needs =)

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