Joshua's birthday

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Happy birthday to babe Joshua!!we're planning for this suprise birthday bash since days ago. a simple one, but filled with love and warmth ♥

it was da bao's class today so its not a big problem to celebrate his birthday in class~around 10.30 we skip for an hour class and went to gurney to buy cake!and our super spy-mingyi spying him by playing snooker with him downstairs. then dabao went down to scold them and ask them back to the class after we prepared all the stuff.

he was so suprised when he saw the cake!and we shouted 'happy birthday' i think he is about to cry!but he didn't!big boy huh!

his super yummy blueberry cake

birthday boy making his wish

then our super cute group photos~~♥♥♥

closed up

serious one

start to siao siao (see da bao and ken ken)

getting crazier..

and crazier!!!

birthday boy with cream on his face

and our super huge card for him

still creamy creamy

okay and we started to share the yummy cake!and after that a war is going to start..

see what anffi pointing at

odesha:arghh u cb yang!

odesha's winning pose!!

ah yang's pity and creamy face.


kingkong is begging gibbon for more bananas

till then. with kingkong's favourite finger.

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