Last day for the term

Saturday, October 04, 2008

Last day of the term!Still rushing all the work until the very last minute!

see...busy, but still not forget to smile to my camera!

Alicia, Anffi, Ah Yang and Gary with their babbies♥♥

Group photos of the Black and Reds!

Yifei is not with us today. guess what. she's still doin her work at home, havent finish her project and folio as well. really scared the shit out of me when she called me in the afternoon, said that she is still doin her work and only 70% completed!hello i spent days for mine!

Finally we hand-in all the work!!and went to gurney for lunch!so so so hungry!!btw, we're happy because we're free now!!

from left: mingyi, me, anffi, alicia and gary

shall sleep now.have not been sleeping well for the pass few days =.=

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