Saturday, October 18, 2008

♥Charming Retro family XD♥

♥Retro in the patio♥

♥See who took it?♥

♥End of the world♥

♥Teluk Bahang Dam♥

♥Alicia's drawing on Ken's feet♥


♥Hiao-est Lecturer ever♥

♥Pyjamas Party♥

♥My dog kidnapper♥

♥Sweet muack muack with Owi~~♥

♥The Bitch Jumper♥

♥Last group photo♥

Updates will be sooon!! =)

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3 dreamers

  1. bit..who is owi?? so sweet hor??

  2. *shy shy*
    hahahahha sweet horr?
    Bin!!!!!!!I got a lot of things wanna tell you!!!!!!!!

  3. i like it i like it!!!
    i love my classmate!!!!!


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