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Friday, October 10, 2008

went to butterworth with somebody and somebody..we are going to consider ourselves as wuliao gang, always screwing around to kill bordem. who wanna to be moulded by web in the hols?especially those SINGLEs like us!

had our lunch in a korean bbq restaurant named 'che go' funny name huh?its a very nice place!good service, tasty food, reasonable price and pleasent ambience!
and if u order the bbq set, there will be a leng zai waiter help u to grill it~

the korean style sizzling chicken!i was thinking not to order chicken at first but my boss wants it!really not regret for ordering this!its very delicious!!

the kimchi soup is a must!!i don't like kimchi actually, but i love this dish, cuase its really taste good!

Other dishes,

oh yes and extra 3 rice!unbelievable!we're actually finished up 5 or 6 person's portion!

and finally...anffi is there!!so happy to see her la wahahhah

shop around aeon before going back!we went back around 6pm and decided to take ferry!aiya im so excited just like a 3 year-old child!and this remind me of binbin and ah jo, that we used to ponteng and went to take ferry for nothing.

toturing the bears like he always does!

bye la =*

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2 dreamers

  1. i like all the foto we shooting tat day!!!!!!!
    we'r OMG!!!!


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