Friday, October 24, 2008

Photography class as usual today. the class ended around 10.30 but mac wants us to think of the subject that we are going to snap for our assignment!and have to make the decision before 12.30 and write him a short report.but most of the time they were having fun in the class, none of us doin his work.




sei gay lou kenken-ing

joshua pan cool-ing

fighting, the sweet one

and lastly we complete his work!guess what am i going to snap for his assignment?is FOOD!gibbon is going to snap shopping complex so we can hang out together for shops and food during our shooting!fun lerr?

and i just had my 2d and colour presentation done!at the first i thought that i was really unfortunate for being chosen to present first.but now i feel really relieved that i've had it done while others are still worrying and rushing to get their presentations done. and my overall performance was quite good i guess, based on the comments and feedbacks i got back.

we went to the yeaalor graduation showcase of 067. the showcase was awesome!after 2 years will be our turn then =)

camwhoring everywhere..typical, i know.

went for dinner after that and went to gurney.found something really fun in toy'r'us!halloween costume!see ming yi's expression!he is so cute~

bit bit and bon bon XD

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  1. me n ken ken so sweet again..
    n the last pic sweet wif u...^^


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