Monday, October 06, 2008

went out with pat and yueshi this afternoon!yueshi is back for her holidays..really can't wait to meet up with her!she does not has any big changes after 6months,but prettier obviously.

and we had our lunch in sakea sushi..again!i found that pat and yueshi look alike huh?strage!i do not really know that yueshi was actually taking chinese studies now!btw, this course really suit her much. and in the middle od our lunch, i saw alicia walked in to the restaurant with her cousins, and she was sitting right in front of me!what a coincidence!we're planned to have movie together around 5pm actually!
Then after finished my lunch with yueshi, I went to met with odesha and others. went to brought movie tickets before meal (SOMEBODY was hungry, obviously not me or alicia) but we used quite a long time to decide what movie to watch, after a few consideration and lalalilathampong, we've made the right decision! =D then only we went to had our very-earlied-dinner in kenny rogers!(i hate it!)

Nothing can cheer me but the DESSERT!!so yummy!and its FREE!! =P

And finally the si gary..people ho sim feed him..>.< sorry lah!

Then around 730pm we went for our movie-Connected!!Very very nice movie!Will watch Eagle eye real soooon!!

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