Friday, October 10, 2008

went to see farhana at her work place before club..she had some kind of party there, but we're in a hurry so just went down to say hi and took some photos~ did i mention before that alicia and gary knew far as well?its all a coincidence!

see my stupid dress?argh!im so regret for not wearing the dress that gary choosed!how stupid and this dress is freakin hot!!and my siao lala sister and siao lala gary said im so dragon-i look!i hate it!!!!!!so i took revenge by taking photo of gary instead of tall and slim look, i took it in the other way that makes him look fat and short!

See it?muahhhaha..
just kidding nia
after that we met up with odesha and ah yang..so sad cause anffi is not there with us!she's in SP and caught in a downpour. i felt that its not a good day because yifei is sick, but, she's still coming~

quite happy lo because met up with a lot of friends wahaha..everything is prefect except my stupid dress!argh!!met up with nelson, a friend of zhen hui, and ah yang knew him too!!met up with alice and she's drunk but still can dance with us XD and also ah sin's friend, the guy that brought us beer last wednesday in Soi2..and finally with far, chuin and pei rong!

so sick of them far and chuin!keep laughing at me bout god knows what. giggling all the time and don wanna tell me why!haha but i love the way they said i've changed into better and im thinner than before whooohoo! (although im still fat)

time flies again. we dance for at least 3 hours and my feet were super pain! and i found that somebody's face turned sleepy and tired so we tend to leave earlier.
took photos again before leaving~
promoting the car..see ah yang promoting his BMW!herh!
oh yes and now only i realized that both of the cars were in blue colour!ish!ah yang's favourite colour!y don't they are in pink? =.=

ok la bye bye good night~

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