Sunday, October 26, 2008

went out for the whole afternoon for furniture!oh yes did i mention that fishyy is working now?yes, she's working in queensbay now!im proud of her because she's only fifteen and she can makes her own money now~we went for breakfast before she went to work.

i forgot the name of this restaurant >.<>

cute?nai wang bao in porcupine outlook!

after breakfast we went to kamay and alfredo for furniture.and i was dreaming about my future house!*grins* probably im too boring.i wanted to paint my living room in grey colour!it was so stylish and cozy!

just like this!

and for the room..

*hiak hiak*

my son's and daughter's room!

and i met up with shan and luan in the washroom.what a coincidence!so happy to see them!it has been a while since the last time i talked to them.they asked me whether im goin to remo's house during depavali no because they are going. i wanted to go so badly!!but zhenhui is having his exam now ='( its impossible to ask me to go without him la!

At night we went out for supper.ordered a alot and there are only three of us to finish up all the food!and it was super cheap!!!

something happened today, and i don't know whether it is a good thing or no.i mean TWO things happened!and i had no idea at all why this would happened to me.i just hate this kind of feeling!


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