Tuesday, October 28, 2008

today really kek si me, but still i have to thank ah yang!!love u muack muack muack♥♥he went to fetch me from hank's house in sg ara, and spent around half an hour to find the house!we wanted to watch movie at first, but its too late after we reached.besides, we were awfully hungry and wanted to grab a dinner first.queensbay was so crowded tonight!and because of that we have to wait no matter where, at last we went to siam express!and we were so lucky and met up with chris!!and it was gary who saw him first!

the food was really gooood!!we ordered a family combo for four!yu kai and ah yang do not wanna join us so they ordered mee.the combo was really appropriate for us!

we've got nothing to do after that so we went to coffee bean~see ah yang and dailou!damn sweet!

sorry for the bad bad quality photos!my phone camera really sucks!and i miss my camera ='(

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