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Sunday, November 09, 2008

class replacement today.and im extremely sleepy.just 20 person attended today's class and chris told us about the assignment.more and more assignments upcoming!went to library for reserch after breakfast.

kim brought us dinner tonight.they planned to go for chinese food because it has been a long while since the last time we had chinese food together, i think it was years ago before they went to u.s?and mom called to made the reservation for a few restaurant but its fully booked!at last we found one which is Maple gold(if not wrong la cause i never been there before).

it was super noisy there!because there's a wedding dinner helded.but luckily we've got a room!but what i have to said is,the service was bad!i mean the waitress,i think she was too young and we're not really happy about that.

me,didi and hank

cute little prisoner make fun after a few dish!they must be boring =)

good food must have wine rite?

and kids shall have warm water =)

after dinner we went to putra marine to chitchat!muahaha, the dinning table has arrived!marble, and mix and match with black and white coloured chairs!

cam-whored with fishyy~

then story-ing with sean and hank on the balcony =)

till then.

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