assignment shooting!

Sunday, November 30, 2008

went for shooting today for assignment!but mine havent done yet =.= a bit unlucky because today is not a good day,rainning and cloudy all the time from early nine!so after had our breakfast at gurney drive, we went to gurney plaza to capture some indoor photos that gary needed.

its christmas!! =D

me me with my rabbit baggie! (thanks to someone =*)

the decoration in redbox was nice.i like the snowman so much!we leave the plaza when we found that the rain stop..but it was still cloudy!so we decided not to go to the beach today and change our location to...............


yeeeeeepppppppppiii! XD

gary was really a butterfly freak!!!he doesnt afraid of the butterfly at all!!!and grab them like they are so scare at first,althought i know that they wont sting or bite..maybe they are in a large number!

with my bie bie~hiak hiak

gary pretend to be Quarantine!

spent around 2 hours in the farm and alicia's assignment's photos done!then we went to taman rimba!the last time i went was 2 years ago!but nothing change at all!

posing for my gay boy photographer! (no,he is not a gay!!)

then my gay boy posing for me!!cute lo!i like the photo that he put his hand on his stomach!

went home after we grabbed some food at northem beach.gary still has his gathering bbq!i wanna eat bbq!!

till then!

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2 dreamers

  1. its too sweet 4 everythings..

  2. lu kong hami laa.......???sweet no good meh?


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