Wednesday, November 26, 2008

i know im getting fatter and fatter day by day and my mom always remind me about that.but still i cant resist the temptation of food!how?
i went to have lunch with zhenhui today!!super miss him!! ='( and now he is working in gurney.actually i felt so guilty to see him,as he has the most wicked mouth in this planet to describe my fatty outlook!

my spaghetti!
and his kimchi soup!

super yummy yummy yummy!!

my jumbo mango ice!!!

his stupid face

after lunch i went to his shop to try out a few dress and tops.i like those design so much!!!the designer is from spanish and those flashy clothes are too costly for me ='(

okay la will have lunch with him again soon!(gonna help him to spend his money XD)

actually we have thiru's class in the evening but the class is cancled because he's sick or accident im not sure.at first was exteremely happy because we can hang around together and i called gary and they were in prangin to ask for the tattoo thingy.oh yes they are going to have their tattoo impendingly and im still hesitating about mine!and at first they plan to come over to gurney to watch movie with me!but at last...haih!sorry k bie bie..='(
at last alicia came from school after she recieved my call.hang around with her and took some photos of the decoration in new wing.

then grabbed something to eat in nando's.the service was bad,bad,bad and bad.will never go back to nando's in new wing anymore!

alicia emo-ing.so do i!because of someone ='(

the terrific oily bread.

only a colour can describe our feeling today!which is BLACK!
*im sorry biebie!don angry please..will share my food with u and sing for u!*

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