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Monday, November 24, 2008

*the day before 'the day before yesterday'*

outing for shooting again!probably this would be the last outing for photography in this term!and its week 6 now!two more weeks to the assestment week then will be holiday and party!!alrite back to the topic!we went to somewhere around yeap kongsi and khoo kongsi for herritage and building shooting.we waited quite a long while for dylan's car because they cant find the correct way to the destination.and while waiting, joshua and gary acting busy..

super wo liao rite?dont see gary's face it seems like very enjoyable..he's just acting to be easy!

and opposite the road there's ah sir,yukai,odesha and yang waiting for them too!

grass,flower,flower and flower

started our journey right after they reached.we went to a temple(if not wrong)..we cant really snap nice nice photos indoor with our compact camera because its dark, so we just hang and play around.

then we went to another temple which is just 5 minutes walking distance.on the way,we saw a begger who looks similar with gary,picking rubbish on the street.

begger.and some papparazi as well!

shiffless again, so we just cam-whored around!

professional huh?

i think its quite fun at the first floor but im too lazy to go up.gary took some photos for me which i think its very nice!

how sweeeeeet!how good if he really be able to carry me!


odesha and odesha's sweet muack muack one!

around 12pm we went to mama wang for lunch!

and finally, thanks to alicia babe for the cute cute ice-cream~muack!

*the day before yesterday*

hwa siang's class in the morning!i finished the drawing super early!so i did some chris' work there.haih still a lot to go!just keep my finger cross and hope i can finish all the work in time.

kenken and gary wo liao-ing while waiting for the clear spray to dry.

i was nearly killed when i went to dinner with alicia and ah guan!ops..i mean my phone was nearly killed!i was about to cry when that ah boy returned my phone to me!!sorry phoney,i promised that i will take good care of you *kisses*


Im sick sick sick and sick!and i missed out on ah ma's 2nd year memorial day!how sad! ='(


cant believe that im still enjoying sight-seeing with them in this moment when my fate hanging in the balance!i have heaps of work to do and i havent even complete one of them!but rest is to follow a more long-term road right?
okay, actually its dad's worker's wedding today and the buffet was held in his house..i dont know where but its near perak i guess.his house was in the middle of nowhere!there's no other house except his house and its in the jungle!
after lunch we went to a temple which is located near his house.alicia told me bout the temple before!
photos photos!

okay lo not really fun because its super hot!im so tired and my leg hurt because of my heels!

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