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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

it was chris' class in the morning and i were late!someone's fault,made me stay up late almost every night and late for school!new assignment again,about 2 point formation,and i hate this thingy!i love spiral!!why cant spiral be one of the geometric shape?in fact,i can produce better work with that.after class we went to gurney to have lunch.after discussion we went to kim gary and we waited almost half an hour for our table.

a crowd of 12 squeeeezing around the small trying to kiss gary but i looks ugly so...

ken was so emo!and he doesn't eat anything!

so-called kim GARY!

my bie with my rice!

after lunch they went for movie and anffi,gary,ah guan,ken,joshua and me went back to the campus for class and homework =) imma gooood girl okay?!


spent the whole evening after class in gurney.i have a very strong desire for cake so we went to secret recipe and ordered a lot of food that shouldn't be finished by 3 person!*thanks to alicia sincerly* and the main purpose we're there was to finish up our photoshop's homework BUT someone went to market with her someone and end up doing nothing!

around 8pm we went to fetch joshua and headed to the night last visit to a nightmarket was...........i can't remember when is it so i guess it was quite a long while ago.

seriously there's nothing i can do in the pasarmalam other than eat!

thank you people for helping me to gain weight XD

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