Climb hill

Sunday, November 02, 2008

im happy im happy im happy im happy today!!finally i went to climb hill!!!but we did not have enough time to reach the top.for me, this is a very good begining.did i mention before that gary keep neglects his attention and ignore me whenever i ask him to go with me?but guess what he said now, he felt that he is getting fatter and fatter day by day!probably because of his GF complains about his big tummy!*grins* furthermore, i never think of odesha, yang and yu kai will come with us.and they brought their camera too!!will upload soon.

see what they are wearing!jeans! =.= they went to queensbay before that, and they are too lasy to change.ah yang was really pity because he sleep around 4am or 5am and woke up around 8 this morning.lucky lucky me,wake up around 12 today XD

alicia and gary keep giggling bout god knows what.they do not wanna share with me ='(

will climb again soon!had so much fun again!dai lou climb really fast, and he keeps saying that we shia shui him because we're slow!

after that we went for dinner in hammer bay.yang, odesha and yu kai did not join us because ah yang need to go home and rest.

we choosed to sit the atap house again although the food is more expensive.but this place always slacken me!we spent around 3hours there.sharing secrets wahahah

photos photos

♥alicia babe♥

♥bie bie♥

sweet muack muack one *hiakhiak*

♥dai lou♥

oh yes and our handphone string!my one is the nicest one lo!hiak hiak!i loooove it♥♥

till then.

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6 dreamers

  1. 'his GF complains about his big tummy'

    ekh ekmm...
    no ppl complain about it la!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    not very big ok~
    XD XD
    tis is rou gan...
    ppl wan oso dun hav eh arr~~

  2. oh yah...
    4get to mention about it..
    see the last pic pls..
    focus on my neck..
    n my 'suo guu'
    i duno wat 2 call tat bone..
    under my neck..
    im so slim!!!

  3. wei...
    did u forget to post up some photo?....
    XD XD..

  4. who are u laaaaaa??what photos???

  5. sweet muakc muakc eh foto...ola

  6. yea and i post it liao lo!!!!!wahhahhaha *piakpiak*


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