good news flies apace

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

you know usually people says 'good news goes on crutches, ill news flies apace' but for me haha its opposite lo!good news will flies apace,especially those news that contain sweet muack muack thingy.and now im going to distribute this news!

someone is getting back to a relationship real sooooon!! XD

do u know who?
wanna know who?
muahahhahaha my classmates!
sweet and sugary the way he shows his ♥
and creative also (art students shall be art students)
im so excited and enthusiastic bout this!
jia you jia you u people
keep on goin!
sweet muack muack one.

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2 dreamers

  1. who who who!!!!!
    izit tat everyday sweet muakx muakx de horrr!!!

  2. BINGO!!!bie u are so clever~they sweet muack muack just like us lo~ *ola


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