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Saturday, November 08, 2008

wuliao in class today.and ken draw a very sexy but funny thingy.superb geli lo.

a potrait of sexy gary =)

and he was so excited and paste the drawing on the door and show everyone.even ah sir said he's drawing was awsome!*grins*

after da bao's class, alicia,yifei and i headed to queensbay to do our photoshop's work.mingyi went with us too.and on our way to queens,mom phoned me and told me that she's in putra for the curtain to be fixed!so i went there to meet her and took photos of the house new look =)

my favourite part of the house!

clean already hor?super happy and tonight we are goin to buy the dining table!

queensbay was really greatly-decorated!you can smell christmas everywhere!and thinking of christmas,this remind me of my binbin!this will be our last christmas together ='(

very nice right?i like the lighting so much!

alicia,yifei and mingyi went back around 9 and then i joined mom and k ma for dinner in paddington house of pancake!owwww..i wanted to go there for dinner so much!hiak hiak!don believe?ask alicia!although im very full but i still eat a lot because i cant resist the temptation!!the food in paddington always make me excited!

good night.will have dinner with kim tomorrow =)

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2 dreamers

  1. I just cant wait for the day to come after 14 days!!! i love christmas time!! the lighting are awesome... it drives me crazy !!! we must go one day!!

  2. ='( i love christmas too but not this year's christmas!one and a half month to go until u leave *sigh* ='''(


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