Outing IV and chris' class

Friday, November 14, 2008

its thursday again and we went outing for photography as usual.how miserable because we were sleepy and tired because of the party last night,and our destination today was botanical garden that we have to walk,walk and walk =( we were quite okay but joshua was not feeling well indeed.he cant stand for too long and he was dizzy and wanted to belch!

took a few photos to cover mac's eyes then we went for breakfast.have been affected by the alcohol so we were super hungry!suffer in hunger so badly that morning ='( u can see gary open his big mouth and swallow a plate of chicken rice, wantan mee, two cups of drinks and some tomyam!look at his tummy then u will know *ola*

we filled our stomuch satisfactory then we went back to botanical garden.but still not following the class.today's topic was 'nature' but look what kind of photos that we took?

human being is part of nature rite? *grins*

alicia,anffi,gary and tall-and-thin-tree mois-ing around and posing.

then tha angpaos jumping and hopping!

chilli,wasabi and tomato!

oh yes and pure went there with fei!yifei skipped class because she cant wake up,hiak!but at last they went to visit us!see the photo of gary and pure,they looks so similar leh!get marry la~

before back to chris' class took some photos with kenken and dailou~

and family photo,a charming one!

then headed to chris' class after dropped joshua back to tanjung bungah.he was really sick and needed rest so badly.how sad because a lot of them are not goin to chris' class.alicia,gary,joshua and yifei are not going,unlike me,always be attentive to his class!so damn happy when he said my work is nice in today's class!indeed i was talking non-stop with owi at the back of the class and he said,

'talk la talk non-stop,mi kia mian cho liao!'

*silence,then talk again..*


'har har har..kok kong kok..!'

*silence,pretend to be buzy..then continue story-ing..*


'wah!aneh sweet har..pattor liao, di zui kao di zui?'

*erm.......* *giggles* *whisper*

then finally he stepped to the back roll and see us,and he take my work and he smiled to me he said:

'class listen here, im not encourage u people to talk but i have to say she can done her work very well although she talks non-stop her and the design is very nice and bla bla bla blaaa...'

see...this is what we called 'stuuuudent'!*grins*

and i'll post up my work after my final touch-up la~

*my apology if anythingy make u people feel uncomfy of my show-off-nessy =D*

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3 dreamers

  1. show off-ness!! i never know you understand the meaning of show off ...not bad not bad...congrats, u had grown up!! XD

  2. cant stop shaking whole body....geli+gao bin pui..

  3. Thanks thanks binbin~muack!
    si gibbon u diam diam laaaa!!!


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