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Monday, November 03, 2008

im so upset today and i seriously need a good listener =) im so happy and touched that friends around me are always concern.eventhough some of them we do not talk since ages ago.
♥My listener♥



♥hazel darling♥

thanks to you people that concern a lot.*huggies* you people are god to me!seriously sometimes i do need a good listener more that a boyfriend.=) what im facing now is a dilemma and im so sick of that!i will just keep my finger cross that it will ends soon.thanks to alicia, gary, dailou and sabien too.for pei me and cheer me all the time.*kisses*

good night =*

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3 dreamers

  1. hahaha..
    i saw wrongly liao la...
    i tot u wrote
    'i am a good listener'
    now i only realized tat..
    u need a listener...

  2. boh sim lo.. ='( but nevermind la..u always cheer me =) muack muack

  3. ^^..
    muakx muakx
    thx bie..
    u cheer me too..
    by ur zooling-ing....=.=lll


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