Saturday, November 29, 2008

greatly appreciate all my babies and dear listeners!you know who you are =) thanks for always kept me alive and spent so much time with me just to comfort me.and your good cheer always overcome my, i do not have that much depression actually,and my life is satisfying.frankly speaking,i have something to be unhappy with BUT,its not a big deal for me because...i do not really care about what people says about me,at least, they are not the main character who plays my life ^^
for people out there,grow up please.use your eyes or heart to judge people but not your ears alrite?people will never know if you dont speak out you expect people will understands you without saying anything?and, try to think about that,will you choose to believe someone that create stories and people keep on ignore?
and for you,im trying so hard to control..but i dont think it i doing the right thing?and no,im not gonna hurt anyone right?since when i will consider that much before i start a relationship?*grins*
anyway,thanks a lot to you,you,you,you,you,you and you for brighten up my day.*huggies*

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