Thursday, November 06, 2008

*grins* good girl has not gone bad!
went to have dim sum in the morning at gurney drive!hahaha strange combination lo, i went with alicia,joshua,guan and mingyi =.= called ah yang one but he said he lazy so suak lo.
we eat quite slow because we have too much time!have to wait for the movie around 2pm.guan joined us around 10.30am.and joshua started to ki siao.oh my god he loves mayoniese!and super geli the way he eat his bihun!
he took all the bihun out from the soup..

then stirred with mayoniese =.=

after finished his bihun he act like a rabbit..

leggies..me,joshua and dailou!

we were so free and donno where too go,so we went to the toy museum.thinking to goin to youth park at first but i dont think its fun to go youth park without gary lo.anyway toy museum wasn't really fun =.= but still snap a lot of photos there

at first i thought the museum was big,but obviously its not because we spent only half an hour in the museum.and im really sleepy!the most attractive part of the museum was the washroom =.=

wuliao rite?

after that we called ah yang and asked,he said he needed an hour to prepare himself.so we went to the beach.its 1pm afternoon!and terrific hot!but it was fun lo,at least had more fun than the museum!!!

joshua,shadow of me and alicia,seashells =)

self-timer photo!but damn nice one~

love the photo of joshua so much!!i took it!!!*hiakhiak*

jump jump!

ah guan =)

mingyi =)

then we went to gurney for movie around 2pm and met with yang and odesha.grab our lunch in pastamania before movie!

we went to watch 'the vampire who admires me'.nice movie,but its very short,only 1 and a half hour.its about the vampires are all out to ravage on an island.and we did some shopping after the movie.yang and mingyi brought some shirts for tomorrow shooting!

then we went for donuts! =)

till then.should sleep earlier, tomorrow we are going outing again for shooting and modelling~

ps:sorry odesha for not asking you to join us for the toy museum =( no next time i promised~!

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